A work visa is a non-immigrant visa to the United States. It is called B1 visa. Those wishing to travel to the United States for a short period of time for work-related reasons that do not require actual labor work or receive payment from a U.S. source can apply for a work visa.
Citizens of some countries can travel to the United States for up to 90 days under the Visa Waiver Program, and therefore there is no need to apply for a business visa.

A work visa is eligible for various work-related activities, such as attending a conference, business meetings, and some other purposes, but is not eligible to do business. See the comprehensive list of activities allowed and prohibited on a work visa.

You must apply for a visa as soon as possible and no later than 60 days before the travel date. If the conference is scientific in nature or if the applicant has a scientific background, the visa application must be made no later than 90 days before travel. Wait schedules vary with consulates, and some consulates may require more time. Additional delays can be caused by vulnerabilities or administrative actions that may be required after negotiation in some cases. You should plan your trip in advance and not buy airfare until you get your visa. No matter how strong your case may be, you shouldn’t assume you’ll get the visa automatically.

The business executive program (BEP) allows some large and established Indian companies that send a lot of employees on business visas to enter the United States at any time during which time the visa has been retired as a stamp length. However, the actual length of stay during a particular visit is determined by the date stamped on the passport at the port of entry by the immigration officer. Read more details visa stamp vs authorized duration. Just because you get a ten-year visa doesn’t mean you can stay in the U.S. for a decade.

There are no annual quotas for work visas. In most cases, you receive a common B1 / B2 visa.

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There is no dependent visa category for business visa applicants. It is generally not a good idea to pick up your spouse and/or young children when traveling to the United States on a B-1 visa, as it is not customary for them to accompany you at business meetings and other business visa-related events.
However, if they still want to accompany you, they can apply for a tourist (B-2) visa. Read the visitor visa section for more information. Each B2 visa applicant must qualify on its own.
Expedited Appointment
Some consulates also call it an emergency appointment or an emergency appointment.
Some consulates have procedures for making an expedited appointment. However, it is optional and depends on several factors, such as the urgency of travel and the US national interest.

  • Clearly specify the travel date of the applicant and provide contact information such as the applicant’s local phone number.
  • Explain clearly why it is important to speed up the appointment (i.e. explain what is at stake).